Enter Group block Code  
  • As the Team Manager, I set up a block of rooms for my team. How do my team members find out about the block I set up?

After the team manager makes their block, each team manager will receive a group code and the hotel contact will send you a booking link to forward to your team members.

  • Can I call the tournament hotel reservation site contacts to make a reservation and guarantee my room with a credit card under my team’s block?

Yes, you can either book online with the link provided or call the hotel sales department to book your room. 

  • I am the contact person for our team. Can I check the status of our group(s) rooming list online?

You will need to contact the hotel for this information.

  • How much time do I have to secure my hotel reservation once my team manager has set up our team hotel block?

From the point the block is created by the team manager, the team members have twenty-one (21) days to make their reservation and hold their room using a credit card. After that all rooms will be released back to tournament inventory.  Contact MRSC admin if you need more time: hotels@mikerosesoccercomplex.com.

  • What will happen if I don't make my reservation before the Release date?

The room will be released back to the tournament inventory.

  • What if my team does not use the MRSC site to reserve our rooms?

The tournament asks that all out-of-town teams to use this web site to set up your team block.  You will then make reservations directly with the hotel.  Teams that book through the MRSC site, are able to cancel without penalty if the age group doesn't make or if a tournament is cancelled.  Also, hotels offer special soccer services only to teams that use the site to block their rooms.  These services range from free breakfast from hotels that do not typically offer to general guests, complimentary laundry service, free meeting space, pizza parties, etc.  

For additional information please contact the tournament hotel reservation site manager at hotels@mikerosesoccercomplex.com.